I've been looking for a program like Scholar's Aid for the last two years: yours is the first that understands that humanities scholars need to *quote* as well as cite references. Thank you so much! ---- Nick, U.K. See more

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Is Scholar's Aid right software for you?
Are you a student? If you spend too much time for finding sources and citing, and want to concentrate on your study and not on cut-and-pasting . . . see below.
Are you a professor? You have tons of records of books and articles, and want to organize them and make a bibliography whenever you want. Yes, making a syllabus has never been easier! . . . more.
Are you a researcher or writer? If you collect huge amount of information, Scholar's Aid is for you. It has a note/information manager that allows you to organize information in a hierarchical structure. . . . more.

If you spend too much time for finding sources and citing, and want to concentrate on your study and not on cut-and-pasting, Scholar's Aid is a god-send for you.

23 minutes for a footnote? See this: Finding a source to cite in your document takes about nine minutes or maybe more. Cannot believe it? Try to time it when you do it next time. In addition, you have to spend four minutes to make a footnote out of the source. Worse, if you do not know how to format the footnote, it might take more than ten minutes because you had to look up the style manual.

How long will it take with Scholar's Aid, then? Less than ten seconds. Click and boom!. It's done. It takes only five seconds to find a source and one second to click the Transfer button and one second for your word processor to make a footnote. That's why they call it "magic."

With SA I get perfectly formatted citations, footnotes, Bibliography Cited lists, a complete catalog etc. instantly and painlessly right in my Word 97 document. Saves hours. I'll be showing my thesis committee this program. ---- M. at Antioch University.
So, are you writing a dissertation?
How much would you pay if someone cuts the six months off from the one year project for you? It would be much more worth than one thousand dollars, wouldn't it? You can now own the faithful assistant for a little fraction of it. That's right. It's Scholar's Aid.

See this brief list of the features of Scholar's Aid

  • Manages all your bibliographical data and all your notes associated with the sources.
  • Generates footnotes, endnotes, parenthetical references, bibliographies, and reference lists automatically.
  • Cites in the style of your choice directly into your word-processor.
  • Manages all your notes associated with their sources.
  • Automatically cites the text with page numbers for you when you transfer all or part of a note to your document
  • Lots of convenient features such as AutoText, InputAid
  • Customize your copy with the included Style Editor, Toolbar Editor, Caption Editor, and other handful of editors.
  • Make your data available to your friends using the export function. You can format the output with the included Template Editor.
What more can I wish for? -- LiSe, Netherlands
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