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Scholar's Aid was obviously designed by someone aware of the needs of users of this type of program; its wealth of features make it perfectly suited for its intended audience.. --- ZDNet/Hotfiles.com (Rated: Five Stars; 1998) An excellent reference database and citation generator; even the registered version is a fraction of the price of more expensive, commercial bibliography software. --- Claremont Graduate University, 2002 This program is the perfect research assistant. . . . The program has a fast search engine, so you'll find the book in a flash. An ideal program for researchers, students, lawyers, and anyone compiling information from various sources. --- PC User (Rated: Five Stars; 1998)

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Scholar's Aid 2000 contains a tightly integrated library reference manager and note and information manager. --- The Scientist "Managing References the Easy Way" Jan, 7, 2002 Scholar's Aid is an excellent application for any student or scholar who's required to track bibliographic data. The program is a replacement to some of the limited features found in many word processors. --- RocketDownload.com (Rated: Five smilies; 2001) This program is designed to keep all your references and papers in a neat database, allowing output bibliography to many common word-processors, and merging with other people's databases. (University of Oxford, 2002)

If you have ever written a paper -- whether it's a term paper, a research paper or a dissertation -- you will know how difficult it can be to keep track of quotes and write correct footnotes. If you use Scholar's Aid as your faithful assistant, it will take care of these details so that you can concentrate on your study --- Nursing Network, 2001 This program is a must for scholars who write academic documents--theses, dissertations, articles, books, and so on. --- Download.com (Rated: Popular, Premiere pick; 1999, 2000, 2001) ... researchers must keep extensive notes and be able to relate those notes to their research. Some of this software is designed specifically for that purpose. An example is Scholarís Aid which is divided into two programs, one for the usual bibliographic functions and one to handle related notes." --- World Future Society, 2002

Scholar's Aid Library is a powerful database app[lication] . . . an indispensable aid the next time you have to write an important report, paper, or book. --- ZDNet/Hotfiles.com (Rated: Five Stars; 1999, 2000) If you are writing a term paper, research paper, or dissertation, you have probably already experienced the hassle of finding quotes and writing footnotes. This program will manage your bibliography, convert any bibliographical entry into a footnote, and insert footnotes into your document automatically. --- Salisbury University, 2001 Scholar's Aid - A great tool for building bibliographies and quoting, a 'MUST HAVE'! (it's all you'll ever need.) --- American Studies Groningen, 2003

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