My students are very happy with your program and, just today, I got one who wondered why she ever tried writing papers without it. ---- Prof. Dr. Pat. See more

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I've been using Scholar's Aid for the past year for my MA thesis. Finished with minimal headache! Amazing...thank you. I'm using 2000 version for PhD! ---- Andrea, AL.

It is amazing. I was pleased with it is functionality, but after finding its import ability, I was overjoyed! . . . . . . I am going to recommend this program to all my friends . . . . . . It is obvious that this program was written by a researcher for researchers. Thank God I have finally found a program to organize my research! ---- Ian, U. K.

This program[SA2000] is the best program that I have worked with. ---- Alex, Mercedes Benz Hotline Computer Supervisor, Germany.

I have found no other program that is as useful and easy to use for research projects. ---- Linda, IL.

I am a Hungarian minister of the Reformed Church and a PhD student at New College in Edinburgh. For a long time I have been looking for a reliable bibliographical database manager program to assist me in studying the Early Church Fathers. I know I have found it now! Thank you very much for making it affordable even to the pocket of an Eastern-European alumnus who many times had the feeling that the spirit of 'the free market' began to rule the scholarly world also, thus theratening to exclude the less wealthy from getting vital help and information. Your AID is a brilliant example of the contrary! ---- Rev. Pasztori-Kupan, U.K.

Your program is indispensible for my work, and I recommend it to collegues and students both highly and frequently. ---- Prof. Hoonhout.

Brilliant! Clearly outshines expensive counterparts. Keep up the good work. ---- Dr. C., U.K.

My students are very happy with your program and, just today, I got one who wondered why she ever tried writing papers without it. ---- Prof. Dr. Pat.

Your sofware is superb. The sort of things I wish I had the talent to program! . . . Thanks to the facilities you provided in your Style Editor, I was able to make extensive changes in your Chicago style in order to adapt it to the brazilian norms (it was even possible to rename several items on the menu in the portuguese language and to create a few other bibliographic notes. . .)  My congratulations for your great and useful work ---- Claude, Brazil

I am Chinese researcher, from a long time I search the Web for the good bibliographical programs. Almost I tried every downloadable software about the topic, for example, EndNote, Procite, Bibliographica, Refmaker, Refs..., unforatunately, I cannot found the wanted thing, before some days, I find the your program "Scholar's Aid 99-Library", it a really cool stuff, I think that now I can no longer search! Your is the best! ---- Haitao, China

The program has been a god send with dissertation research. ---- John.

I have been looking for a replacement for EndNote, and I have found it!  I love it! Keep the good work! ---- Prof. Dr. N. at Montclair University

I have wanted a program like SA for nearly a decade. I've tried demos of Procite and Endnote; I found these programs wanting both in terms of features and price. SA does everything I have always wanted a bibliography program to do. ---- R., IL 

I couldn't believe it. It[SA] was exactly what I needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ---- Rev. Newberry.

I compared your product[SA99L] with Endnote. I found yours to be much more user friendly. It appears that SA performs the same functions as Endnote. I also like the flexibility in your software... I am excited. This is truly a tool that will aid my productivity. ---- Prof. McKethan at Appalachian State Univ.

I tried it[Procite] and found it awkward, and seriously overpriced. I started using a bibliographic template for FileMaker Pro, but it was quite limited in formating. I was therefore very happy to find Scholar's Aid. I've been extremely pleased with its performance, and I'll continue to use it and
recommend it whereever I can. ---- Prof. Dr. LeBlanc, Canada

Wish I had found this before I purchased EndNote Plus! ---- Prof. Dr. Brown.

For all your wonderful efforts, I am going to give you a plug on the Acknowledgements page of my forthcoming book, Life Grip:  Using the power within you, which comes out in late fall. ---- Pat 

Scholar's Aid seems to be an unbelievable value in comparison to programs like ProCite and EndNote. ---- Gary, Canada.

I have been using Procite for years, and have been particularly pleased with versions 3.4 and 4.01.  Unfortunately, I stumbled upon your product[SA], and now all of that is changed.  Procite is still a very fine program, but SA98L is clearly superior--not only in the quality and quantity of features, but also in conception and in programming.  I am not a programmer, but any program that packs so many useful and well-conceived features into so small a footprint is self-evidently, in my opinion, a superior piece of programming! . . .  In sum, your product is extremely well written, extremely small, extremely efficient, extremely useful, extremely well thought out--and to top it off, extremely inexpensive!   Allow me to both congratulate and thank you for your outstanding product. ---- M., California. 

Scholar's Aid is a really very helpful piece of software. Thank you for making it available. ---- P. at University of Minnesota.

This is an extremely useful program! ---- R. in IL 

I've been using EndNote . . . However, now I've found that your Scholar's Aid is REALY useful. ---- M. in Japan. 

Having been using Endnote on a kind of trial basis, it was most refreshing to find scholarsaid. It's database capabilities are clearly far better than endnote. ---- Tony. 

Scholar's Aid is really a great help to my dissertation! ---- Herbert, University of Essex,  U.K.

Thought I'd let you know that Scholar's Aid is proving very useful. It is organising the notes and references for my M.A. assignments and dissertation very well. One or two longer quotes I have even scanned in and used OCR software to put them into Scholar's Aid. I have also used it to order material for talks. I have downloaded the manual and found it very clear, though the excellent help files mean I don't need the manual very much. Thanks again. ---- Phil. 

I've been looking for a program like Scholar's Aid for the last two years: yours is the first that understands that humanities scholars need to *quote* as well as cite references. Thank you so much! ---- Nick, U.K. 

Although I have recently been comparing several reference programs (Scholar's Aid, Endnotes, ProCite, Reference Manager), I am most impressed by the notes feature of your program.  I find it invaluable! ---- Wendy 

I am so pleased because, as you know, I just love this programme and think you have done a great service to all those who have to slog through hours of  putting in references and footnotes etc. ---- Stephen 

Well I finally got SA3s. :) My goodness! Its nearly everything I would want.---- Andrew 

What can I say, ScholarsAid on steroids.  A great program just got better, I have repeatedly mentioned your program to fellow students and to my Masters supervisor.  This is just a great tool for a great price.---- Chris, Australia 

Previous to using Scholar's Aid I managed my bibliography in Sidekick, about the only reasonably priced program I could find for producing a bibliography, an unformatted one at that. I would have to cut and paste each citation one at a time and get rid of extra paragraph marks, tabs, spaces etc. in Word. As far as managing footnotes in Sidekick, forget it, it can't happen. With SA3 I get perfectly formatted citations, footnotes, Bibliography Cited lists, a complete catalog etc. instantly and painlessly right in my Word 97 document. Saves hours. I'll be showing my thesis committee this program. ---- M. at Antioch University.

Scholar's Aid is a very clever program. . . . I use a lot of newspaper clippings and summaries of articles and books. I used to have these in a self created Access database. But SA is exactly what I need and I am very grateful for your endeavours. ---- H. in Australia 

I've been experimenting with your Scholar's Aid program, and find it not only well thought out from the strictly functional point of view but aesthetically pleasing as well. ---- D. in Italy 

I told a friend who is currently in the midst of her PhD about your program and she loves it!!!!!!!! I would think that schools through out the world that require formal papers would be jumping at the chance to get your program or at least to recommend it to students. Yours is the only program of its kind that I have seen. ---- S.

Absolutely superb . . . just what I've been looking for for a long time. ---- W. at University of South Africa, RSA. 

Hi, I recently downloaded your 'Scholar's Aid' program and I am enjoying it very much. In fact, I was looking for that kind of program for a long time. I am very happy to find your program. . . . We will tell 'Scholar's Aid' to our friends. They will love it.    ---- C. & J. at Talbot Seminary & Biola Uniersity, CA 

Simply, I am in awe. I am a doctoral candidate (pol.sci.) at Miami U (Oxford), and since I have been here, I have been working with WP Macros to simplify my bbl. process. I made it simpler, but I have never stopped thinking about how to do it RIGHT. I can't really do real programming. So, I have about 20 separate files with all my bbl info, and have to call them up, cut and paste. Not for a second did I expect your app to do the job it does -- selecting a word processor of the user's choice, allowing for UL or Italics, or, importing my 120 page ( > 350k) record of all my sources. WOW!!!! This thing is just way too slick. . . .May I put a link to this app on my web site? This is the gold mine find of the year.  ---- J. at Miami University (Oxford), OH 

I think your program has a lot of potential and I wish I would have found it last Summer before I shelled out $165.00 for EndNote. ---- G. at Hawaii University, HI 

Nice idea Doyoung: I've been searching for something like this for ages! ---- T. at University College London, United Kingdom 

Firstly let me thank you for your excellent program I have been using it for a few months and have found it a great help. ---- P. at Melbourne University, Australia 

I wish I had something like this five years ago. . . My initial impressions are that this is an extremely useful program, and have already passed on your URL to several other students and to my Thesis Supervisor. ---- C. in Australia.

What a great program! . . . and I'm going to put a link to your site . . . I'm going to tell everyone I know who does scholarly work about this program! ---- S. in MN.

There are a lot more, but you better stop here to save your time.

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