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Scholar's Aid 4 AE Features
AutoCitation (Both modules)
A single command (clicking a button, pressing a key, or selecting a menu)  inserts a citation of your choice in your document directly. "Cutting and pasting" is history. In the Notes module, when you transfer the text, Scholar's Aid automatically inserts its source and page numbers for you.
It's magic! -- Walter, U.K.
ReferenceGenerator (Both modules)
From field-based data, Scholar's Aid generates six different forms of reference: footnote(endnote), short footnote(endnote), parenthetical reference, short parenthetical reference, bibliographical entry, and reference list entry that conform your style.

Web Note (Notes module)
Stores web pages as they are. A web note works like a web browser. You can see the contents anytime online and offline. It stores web page information for citations so you it can make citations automatically when you cite a text from the contents.

SuperSearchEngine (Both modules)
Searches the record(s) you need in no time with options you can control the searches. AND , OR, and ( ) search operators can be used.
In addition, you can do an InstantSearch that locates a source as you type. Usually, in two letters, you can find the source you want.
Filtering is a powerful search function that filters records according to the criteria in real time. Keywords, Location, Query, and SourceTypes, and other filters in the FilterTree window uses this function. You can customize them as well.

InputAid (Both modules)
It maintains all frequent used text/strings such as author names, publishers, etc. in the lists and inserts the full text when you issue a command. FastInputAid automatically completes the full text when you type a token of it.

ISDE(Indexed Sequential Database Engine) for the Library module saves the disk spaces and accessing time. Its central database architecture made it possible that modifying a source in file A updates the same source in file B automatically.
Innovative HierarchicalDatabaseEngine for the Notes module keeps and updates the hierarchical data structure in real time. It is so real that you do not even have to issue the "Save" command at all.

Z39.50 (Library module)
Connects to over 1,500 Z39.50 servers worldwide and gets the bibliographical data directly and enables users to add the list to the Library database automatically. You can let Scholar's Aid make citations and bibliography from the information right away.

Customization (Both modules)
You can customize Scholar's Aid for your needs from the user interface to the reference generation. Scholar's Aid offers StyleEditor, TemplateEditor, KeywordEditor, CaptionEditor, FavoriteTypeEditor, LocationEditor, IconEditor, InputAidEditor, ToolbarEditor, and NoteTypeEditor.

Importing and Exporting data
Library: Scholar's Aid can import itemized(tagged) data files using import templates made with the included TemplateEditor. Also, it imports bibliography and reference list in RTF format. Exporting to any format is possible because the TemplateEditor allows you to customize the output format.
Notes module can import and export data from/to plain text files and RTF files.

Multilingual References (Both modules)
You can mix different lanuages in a record (e.g., Meaning of a and w). No problem. You can use both Korean and English in a record simultaiously.

Built-in Backup and Restore function (Both modules)
This one-click function helps you to keep your valuable data safely. Just click and wait three seconds, and it's done! Please backup frequently since computers are unpredictable.

Hyperlinks (Both modules)
Click the link and you can jump to the internet site or email. In Notes module, in addition to that, you can jump to graphic files, and any kind of files in you hard disk or on the internet and to another note or Note file. Organizing and keeping data have never been more efficient.

These are some of the features. Please see the list of features.

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