My students are very happy with your program and, just today, I got one who wondered why she ever tried writing papers without it. ---- Prof. Dr. Pat. See more

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Save 30% a copy!
We offer a big discount for a group purchase with five or more copies of Scholar's Aid 4 AE. You and your friends could save US$225 together!

Registration Fee
Regular: US$104 a copy ($45 Saving)
Student: US$69 a copy ($30 Saving)
If you want a CD delivered, add US$10.

How to order
You can register or order five or more copies in two ways: Use the built-in registration form or mail the order form.
     When we receive your order we give CustomerIDs to you and the other users , and you can use Quick Registration and get your registration numbers via email in one minute.

I believe 8 of our postgrads sent you an order for SA at the discounted price last Thursday.  We now have another one who missed the boat!  Would you allow him to purchase at the discounted price too? -- B. C., Computing Support Officer, University of Edinburgh, UK. (We said, "Yes.")
Using the built-in registration form to order or register
- Run Scholar's Aid
- Select "Tools|Register|through the Internet"
- Fill in the blanks and in the second page of the form, check "Group discount for 5 or more copies." It will bring up the list form.
- Fill in the list with the users. If you are not sure who will use the program at that time, just click the "To be assigned" button. You or the users can supply us the information(i.e., name, email address, and postal address)  later via email.
- Enter any special request such as "Send a CD to this address" in the command box  of the form.
- Click the "Register" button in the last page, and the information will be encrypted and sent to us securely.

Sending the Order form
- Print out the form
- Fill in the blanks
- Send it to us.
- Supply us the information(name, email address, postal address) of the users later or in the form.

We honor MasterCard/EuroCard, Visa, and checks that are cashable in the USA including personal checks(USA only).

For special terms, contact .

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