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About Product

Q. Are you planning to make a Linux version of SA?
A. No. We do not have any plans for Linux at this moment.

Q. Do you have a Mac or Palm version of SA?
A. No. we do not have a Mac and Palm version and do not have any plans for Mac or Palm versions of SA at this moment. If you run a Windows emulation on a Mac, SA should run on it.

Q. Do you have educational pricing?
A. Yes for students only. Please use the student discount option when you register.

Q. Any future development plan?
A. Sync&Share, Project, and SA5.

Q. Is SA compatible with Vista?
A. SA for Vista is available. Some features
such as z39.50 might not work on Vista.

About Registration and License

Q. I registered my copy of SA. Can I install it in my laptop?
A. Yes, you may install SA on your other computers as long as you are using them. You will want to get registration numbers for the copies installed on your computers. Use Quick Registration, and it's free.

Q. I had to format my hard drive. I reinstalled SA and tried to enter the registration number, but it did not work. Why and what should I do?
A. Every time you reinstall SA, SA generates a new ProductID and it needs a new registration number. Please use Quick Registration and the new registration number will be sent to your email box in a minute. SA99/98/3s users, please use this form.

Q. Can I try before I pay?
A. Yes, you can try SA for thirty days free of charge. Please see this page.

If you have questions, please use the feedback form.

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