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Scholar's Aid Sync&ShareTM
Sync&Share has been developed primarily for two purposes: 1) Synchronizing your data between computers and 2) sharing your data with group members and all other Scholar's Aid users world-wide.

 Synchronizing your data

Sync&Share enables you to synchronize your Scholar's Aid data between two or more computers. For example, letís say you were at home, and you wanted to use the data you had entered in at the office computer. Until now, you would have had to take the data from your office computer and replaced the data at your home computer. With Sync&Share, you just click the Sync button at your office and click the Sync button at home. That's it. Sync&Share synchronizes your data regardless of where the data was entered.

ďA fabulous program that has rapidly become the staple of my research efforts! -- Louise, U.K.

 Sharing your data

With Sync&Share, you can share your data and files with your group members. Suppose you conduct a group research project. You and your members would want to have the same data as the project progresses and expands. If a member updates the data, all other members should have the same updated data. Sync&Share makes it possible.

That's not all. Sync&Share is a place where all Scholar's Aid users can share their data. You can share your bibliography, your Notes data,
reference style templates, and even your thesis.

ďThis program is awesome and has revolutionized my research papers for my MDiv. It is a real time saver. -- Kurt, USA

Sync&Share extends your research from your desk to the world.

Sync&Share works on all versions of Windows including Vista.

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