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Registration Fee / Order 
There are two ways to get a legal license to use Scholar's Aid:


You will have to register Scholar's Aid if you want to use it for more than 30 days. Unregistered copies of the program will expire after that time. Upon registration, you will receive a key (a registration number) that will transform your copy of the program into a registered copy, and thereafter there will be no limitation on your use of the program.

You can register through the Internet or by ordinary mail. The Scholar's Aid package includes registration software. This program lets you send information directly and securely to the Scholar's Aid web server or prints a registration form that you can mail.

Regular fee:

  • New purchase: US$149
  • Upgrade from SA2000: US$39
  • Upgrade from other previous versions of SA: US$49
  • Upgrade from freeware versions of SA: US$139

Student fee:

  • New purchase: US$99
  • Upgrade from SA2000: US$39
  • Upgrade from other previous versions of SA: US$44
  • Upgrade from freeware versions of SA: US$89

Benefits for registered users

As a registered user, you are entitled to technical support via email.
You can receive unlimited free maintenance updates via the Internet.
You are entitled to get free registration numbers for your other computers (e.g., notebook computer). To obtain a registration number, use the Tools|Register|Quick Registration menu.
You will also be able to purchase a future upgrade at a special price for registered Scholar's Aid users.
And of course, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are using a registered copy of Scholar's Aid!

How to Register

Run Scholar's Aid and select the Register|Through the Internet command on the Tools menu. Then, follow the instructions in the registration software.
If you would prefer register by ordinary mail, the same registration software can print a registration form that you can then mail to Scholar's Aid Inc. You can change the transaction method by clicking the I/P button.
If you are registering by mail, make sure that you indicate the address where you wish your registration number to be sent. If you provide an email address, you will receive the registration number by email.
Keep the Customer ID that you received. Quick Registration requires it.
If you want to change your information after registering, send an email to .
For more information, please see Registering Scholar's Aid in the manual or the help file.
Installing Registration Number

Even though you register your copy of SA, you have to install the registration number to turn your copy of SA into a licensed copy. If you provide an e-mail address, you will receive your customer ID and registration number within two business days. When you receive the registration number, select Tools|Register|Registration Number and enter the number. Keep a copy of your customer ID and registration number, as you will need it if you have to obtain in the future.

Quick Registration 

Once you have registered your copy of the program, you do not have to submit your details again to obtain a new registration number although, to be able to verify your registration status, you will need your customer ID.

Quick Registration for the copy you are using now, which is connected to the Internet.

Select Tools|Register|Quick Registration.
Enter your customer ID and click the Register button.

Quick Registration for a copy of the program installed in another computer (e.g. the copy in your laptop computer) that does not have an Internet connection.
You must work from the copy of the program installed in the computer that is connected to the Internet, and the user names of the copies in both computers must be exactly the same. If not, you must correct the user name in the Scholar's Aid on the computer that is not connected to the Internet. To do that, in the computer that is not connected to the Internet, close Scholar's Aid and delete the SA.CFG file in the Scholar's Aid folder. Open Scholar's Aid and, when prompted, enter exactly the same user name as that which you entered on the copy of the program that is already registered. If you then select Help|About, you will see that your user name is now exactly the same as the user name on the registered copy of the program and a new Product ID will have been generated for this copy of the program. Write the ProductID on a paper so that you can enter the number when you register the copy from the other computer. If you cannot recognize the characters well enough, click the ProductID. It will change the font, and that might be helpful.
In the computer that is connected to the Internet, select Tools|Quick Registration.
Enter the ProductID of the copy you are registering (e.g., the copy in your laptop computer that does not have an Internet connection) and then enter the customer ID.
If the information is correct, your new registration number will be emailed within a minute to the email address you recorded when you first registered the program.

Registration through the Internet requires an Internet connection, so make sure you are connected to the Internet before clicking the Register button on the last page of the registration program.
If you are using a firewall, you might need to configure the firewall so the registration program is allowed to go through.
When you register via the Internet, the data will be encrypted by a unique algorithm before it leaves your computer. No one can see the contents until they are decrypted by a specially designed program in a computer completely isolated from the Internet.

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