Your sofware is superb. The sort of things I wish I had the talent to program! ---- Claude, Brazil. See more

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We offer you a free--absolutely free--trial. Try a fully functional copy of  Scholar's Aid 4 AE today and be amazed!

... extremely well written, extremely small, extremely efficient, extremely useful, extremely well thought out--and to top it off, extremely inexpensive! - M. California

Please feel free to try it for thirty days.
It is enough time for you to fully explore every corner of Scholar's Aid 4 AE and if you think it is not for you, just forget about it. No obligation. No anxiety.

Scholar's Aid can cut the time you spend on citing and help you concentrate on your study. Find out why Scholar's Aid is so popular. You will fall in love with SA.

I love it! ---- Prof. Dr. N. at Montclair University

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  1. Download Scholar's Aid
  2. Run sa4ae.exe and follow the instructions.

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