This program is awesome!!! ... Scholar's Aid is a dream-come-true for anyone who does research work. Goodbye notecards and photocopies and thank you Scholar's Aid!!! ---- Tracie, GA. See more

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Why is Scholar's Aid so popular? 
Scholar's Aid has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. One of the 500,000 reasons is that people recommend it to their colleagues, students, professors, and relatives. Why? Because, they found it was very useful for them.
Came highly recommended by a fellow historian and I enjoyed the trial version. -- Arn Keeling, Canada

Great program.  Very useful.  I will highly recommend to fellow students and to the students I teach -- Greg Woodard, USA

Really nice and stable program. All the others I have tried have been full of bugs and expensive. Saves a lot of time! :) -- Håvard Norjordet, Norway

Another reason why Scholar's Aid is so popular: Scholar's Aid is designed and written by a scholar who understands what scholars need. That makes Scholar's Aid is the best reference program you can get.
Thorough, better than the expensive programs, . . . The author is also a scholar. Finally, a program that is written by one who knows what they're doing. -- Elizabeth Chase, USA
Yet another reason why Scholar's Aid is so popular: Scholar's Aid is affordable.  Every effort is made to make superior and cheaper software for scholars who usually are not interested in making "big" money.
. . . it[Scholar's Aid] is obviously a superior and cheaper software! -- Scott, Kyoto University, Japan

Thank you very much for making it affordable even to the pocket of an Eastern-European alumnus -- Rev. Pasztori-Kupan, U.K.

Who are the users?
SA users are in all over the world, in more than eighty countries. Their occupations are vary from Professors to lawyers. However one thing common is that they keep data, and Scholar's Aid is the application they use for the purpose.

Top 10 countries: USA(42.01%), United Kingdom(12.46), Australia(8.96), Canada(6.50), France(4.06), Germany(2.71), Korea(2.71), Italy(1.90), Belgium(1.88), Brazil(1.63)

Top 10 occupations: Student (Doctoral program; 28.76%), Student (Master's program; 22.79), Professor(16.32), Student (Undergraduate; 6.99), Researcher(4.40), Writer(4.14), Scientist(3.11), Pastor/Missionary(2.59), Library/Musium(1.57), Business(1.55)

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