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Technical Information of Scholar's Aid

Scholar's Aid 4 AE is a program package that includes a bibliographical data manager called Library, an importing/exporting manager called DataRetriever, and a notes/information manager called Notes. The three programs are tightly integrated using OLE Automation technology, thereby enabling you to achieve levels of flexibility and control over your data that no other comparable program can match.
This structure allows new modules to be added without any major restructuring -- highly expandable.


All Modules

Unlimited records.
OLE Automation technology for communicating between the Library and Notes module.
Internet Enabled: Updating and installing the main program and other add-ons.
Multilingual data supported.
Two byte characters (e.g., Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) are supported.
Builtin Backup function for easy and fast data backup.
Support word processors: Word 6, 7, 97, 2000, 2002(XP), 2003, WordPerfect 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, WordPro 97, 9, and OpenOffice.
Multi-lingual spell checker enables you to use multiple spell checking dictionaries simultaneously.

Library (with Data Retriever)

Editing: The Scholar's Aid 4 AE version of the Library module has many improvements both in user interface and functionality. Users now can change shortcuts for toolbar buttons and main menu items. Changing font properties in the record editing window is very easy.
External Data: One of the most significant improvements in Scholar's Aid 4 AE is a support for data providers from different data sources. As a result, Scholar's Aid 4 AE Library is now able to perform a search in online servers that support Z39.50 protocol. More than 1,500 server definitions are now available. Also, Library can import data from EndNote(R) exported text file.
Lookup function for adding new records: When you add a new record, just type a part of the author name or title. SA searches the Z39.50 servers all over the world and lists the matching records. Just double click, and it becomes your data without typing.
XML: You can easily share your data with your friends with this structured text data file.
Scholar's Aid 4 AE now includes a library engine, a set of COM objects for accessing data like styles, libraries, and records from other applications.
User Manager: Scholar's Aid 4 AE allows users to have independent user interface settings. A user's data can be stored in different folders.
New 24 user definable fields are added for your own data fields.
Fully integrated Library and Notes.
Additional option for backing up: Library and Notes data in one file.
The new Import2 template syntax gives you another way to import itemized bibliographical data.
The Toolbar & Menus Editor allows you to add or delete Speed buttons on the Toolbar and customize the display. It also allow you to customize the captions of the buttons and menus as well as the shortcuts.
New tags for import/output templates
The Icon Editor allows you to modify the icons in the Filter Tree.
Simplified Distributable raw Library file no longer requires payments or permissions.
Endnote transfer menus added.


WebNotes allows you to store and display web page content.
Link the webpage to a source in Notes and Library.
Multiple user support.
Unlimited number of records.
Unlimited length of each record.
Seven default note types: General, Summary, Quotation, MyIdea, TableNote, Folder, Source, WebNote.
Customizable note and folder types.
NoteType Editor that enables you to customize their note types.
Input Aid list Editor that enables you to edit the Input Aid lists.
Keyword Editor that enables you to organize the keywords hierarchically.
Toolbar & Menus Editor that enables you to customize the Toolbar and menus.
Customizable note type icons for easy and efficient note organization.
Keywords for additional note organization.
Hyperlinks for easy access to the information you need: You can link to any Notes data file, any note, any bookmark, and any file on your hard disk.
Super powerful search engine that searches not only the open data file but also all the other Notes data files as well.
Instant search by associated source.
Instant search by note types.
Instant search by bookmarks and hyperlinks.
Instant search by keywords.
Highlighting text.
AutoText that automatically replaces a "token" with the appropriate full text while you are typing.
Unlimited undo and redo.
Direct link to any Internet URLs from within a note.
Floating notes that enable you to view several notes simultaneously.
Import notes from plain text files and rich text files (RTF).
Instant record copying between Notes data files by dragging and dropping.
Excel compatible spreadsheet for tabular information.
Quick Registration for easier and faster re-registration for registered users.
One-click backup and restore function.
Instant source viewing function without activating the Library module.

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