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Is Scholar's Aid right software for you? 
Researchers and writers, if you collect huge amount of information, Scholar's Aid is for you. It has a note/information manager that allows you to organize information in a hierarchical structure.

An example is shown left. Scholar's Aid offers many functions to make your note/information management easier and more enjoyable. You can customize the folder types and note types, and even the icons using the included NoteType. Editor.

Super powerful search engine

Collecting is not everything for your research. Without finding right information out of the information you collected, your work cannot be perfect. Scholar's Aid helps you find it fast and very easily.

You can navigate through the found notes, or collect in a folder or a floating note. Scholar's Aid can even search  files that are not open.

Direct transfer to your word processor

Select the text you want to transfer to your word processor and click one of the Citation buttons or select a citation menu on the Transfer menu. As soon as you issue a transfer command, Scholar's Aid transfers the selected text to the open document in your word processor and makes a citation complete with the page number. No cutting and pasting, no searching for the associated source. Of course, you can turn off the auto-citation function and transfer the text only.

Some of the features of the Notes module

OLE compatible and you can embed graphics and sound files within the notes.
Automatic Internet URL detection. Clicking on a URL jumps to the location over the internet.
Multi-hyperlink for easy access to the information you need: You can link to any Notes data file, any note, any bookmark, and any file on your hard disk.
Super powerful search engine that searches not only the open data file but also all the other Notes data files as well.
AutoText that automatically replaces a "token" with the appropriate full text while you are typing.
Unlimited undo and redo.
Floating notes that enable you to view several notes simultaneously.
Excel compatible spreadsheet for tabular information.
One-click backup and restore function.
Multi-lingual spell checker.

Please see the features of Scholar's Aid.

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