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 What's New
Sep. 29, 2010: Scholar's Aid 5 is under development at the R&D center in Korea. Visit the site for more information.  
Sep. 23, 2008: Updated files available. Please download them from the download page.  
April 1, 2008: Scholar's Aid version 4.1 now available. This update fixes Y2009Bug and supports Sync&Share. Please update your program using UpdateCenter or download it from here
September 13, 2007: Scholar's Aid version available. Please update your program using UpdateCenter.
May 17, 2007: Word 2007 and OpenOffice 2/StarOffice8 supported. Please update the program using UpdateCenter.
April 24, 2007: SA4AE package for Vista now available.  Please download it.

 Is Scholar's Aid right software for you?
Are you a student? If you spend too much time for finding sources and citing, and want to concentrate on your study and not on cut-and-pasting . . . more.
Are you a professor? You have tons of records of books and articles, and want to organize them and make a bibliography whenever you want. Yes, making a syllabus has never been easier! . . . more.
Are you a researcher or writer? If you collect huge amount of information, Scholar's Aid is for you. It has a note/information manager that allows you to organize information in a hierarchical structure. . . . more.
Scholar's Aid is for everyone who wants to organize, search, and use his/her data. Scholar's Aid helps the tasks easier and faster. . . . more.

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