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 Scholy, the happy scholar


You see Scholy every time you run SA. Scholy is a happy manifestation of what we do. Scholar's Aid sincerely wishes all of SA users are happy like Scholy.

 About Scholar's Aid, Inc.

Scholar's Aid, Inc. was founded in Ohio, USA in 1997 by Doyoung Na. He designed and wrote Scholar's Aid, the Reference Processor as he worked on his doctorate. The company published Scholar's Aid 2000 in late 1999, to the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of researchers and students world-wide. Scholar's Aid, Inc. in Korea was founded in November, 2000. The firm specializes education research solutions and has released Scholar's Aid 4, the total reference processor, in November, 2002.

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 A Brief History of Scholar's Aid

Scholar's Aid 1.0 was born in June, 1996.
Scholar's Aid, Inc. was founded in Ohio in 1997.
Scholar's Aid 2.5 was published on the internet first time in August, 1997.
Scholar's Aid 3s was published in December, 1997.
Awarded "Five Stars" from ZDNet first time in 1998.
Scholar's Aid 98-L was published on July 3, 1998.
Scholar's Aid 99-Library was published in February, 1999
Scholar's Aid 2000 with the Notes module was published in December 1, 1999.
Scholar's Aid 4 AE was developed in November, 2002 and published in February 20, 2003.
Scholar's Aid 4 Lite was published on July 19, 2004.
Scholar's Aid 4 AE for Vista was published on September 10, 2007.
Scholar's Aid 4.1 was published and Sync&Share was announced on April 1, 2008.
Has earned highest ratings from ZDNet, C|Net, RocketDownload, and PCUsers since 1998.

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