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Scholar's Aid 4 Academic Edition
Scholar's Aid 4 AE is an upgraded Scholar's Aid package that includes Library, Notes,  and Data Retriever. This package is specially designed for academic institutions.  It offers many improved and new functions over Scholar's Aid 2000.
 New Key Features in Library

User Interface: New input/edit window allows you to select a source type and to enter the data; New Record window display component eliminates the misalignment and improper display.

Z39.50: Connects to over 200 Z39.50 servers worldwide and gets the bibliographical data directly and enables users to add the list to the Library database automatically.

Endnote data importing filter: Now you can easily upgrade to SA from Endnote without retyping your data.

XML DataProvider: You can easily share your data with your friends with this structured text data file.

Scholar's Aid Library Engine: Is a COM object and allows third party developers to make add-on modules for SA. 

 New Key Features in Notes

New Web Note type: Stores web pages as they are. A web note works like a web browser.

Library lookup window: You do not have to activate the Library module to see the source data. You can view and edit the source data in the Notes module.

New notes list window: Displays not only the note titles but the contents for easier and faster browsing.
 New Key Features in both modules

New Word Processors supported: OpenOffice and WordPerfect 11, and WordPro 9 are supported.

New Shortcut Editor for customizing shortcut keys and menu/button captions.

Multi-user login for multiple users for a copy of SA. Each user can customize SA for his/her needs. It allows users to store their data in separate locations. This feature is compatible with a network environment.

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