WOW!!!! This thing is just way too slick. . . .May I put a link to this app on my web site? This is the gold mine find of the year. ---- J. at Miami University (Oxford), OH. See more

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Scholar's Aid 4 Lite
Scholar's Aid 4 Lite is a freeware version of Scholar's Aid. For information about Scholar's Aid, see this page.

Price: Free

It only requires a simple registration that is free. No fee.
We DO NOT sell or transfer your information to anyone outside Scholar's Aid, Inc.

    I tried one of the very expensive versions of bib software, and this[Scholar's Aid] is far superior. And the price is almost unbelievable. Good Stuff!! --- Mary, AL, USA

Note: SA4 Lite is 100% compatible with all SA98L/SA99L/SA2000/SA4AE data and configuration files. No conversion necessary.

Download your free copy of Scholar's Aid 4 Lite now.

ifference between Scholar's Aid 4 AE and Scholar's Aid 4 Lite

The Lite version is exactly the same as SA4 except:

Notes module: Lite version does not offer: Hyperlink, Bookmark, AutoText, TableNote, WebNote, Note Preview, and Spell Checker.
Library module: Lite version does not offer: importing/exporting itemized or tagged bibliographical data, Spell Checker, and Style Editor.
Lite version does not do auto-updating through the Internet.
Lite version does not have the Data Retriever module that imports/exports from/to online data sources such as z39.50, PubMed, and XML.
Lite version is limited to five files and 250 records per file, and may have some other limitations.

How to Register

You will have to register Scholar's Aid 4 Lite if you want to use it for more than 30 days. Unregistered copies of the program will expire after that time. Upon registration, you will receive a key (a registration number) that will transform your copy of the program into a registered copy, and thereafter there will be no time limitation on your use of the program.

Run Scholar's Aid 4 Lite and select the Register|Through the Internet command on the Tools menu. Then, follow the instructions in the registration software.
Keep the Customer ID that you received. Quick Registration requires it.
For more information, please see Registering Scholar's Aid in the manual or the help file.


Once you have registered your copy of the program, when you need a new registration number, you do not have to submit your details again to obtain a new registration number although, to be able to verify your registration status, you will need your Customer ID.

Select Tools|Register|Quick Registration.
Enter your customer ID and click the Register button.


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